Agencies: PLEASE Stop Calling Yourselves ‘Client-Centric’.

‘Client-centric agency’ is a buzzword I have been thinking about a lot recently.

A client-centric agency

It appears to be worthy of mention on digital marketing agency creds decks and website ‘about us’ sections. I’ve heard it mentioned in multiple conversations in the last couple of weeks alone.

So what does it really mean when an agency says that they are ‘client-centric’?

Does it mean that they are ‘focused on their clients needs’?

Shouldn’t every agency be?

Another definition I’ve heard is that the agency structures their teams according to their clients needs.

Again, isnt that a basic expectation? What is the alternative here- teams that aren’t structured according to client needs? ‘We understand that your account needs certain people- however you need to adjust to our company structure’.

Not exactly a great proposition, is it?

Here’s the punchline: Agencies need to stop trying to get credit for doing things they absolutely should be doing anyways.

This includes other creds deck staples such as:

- ‘We are transparent’ (congratulations on being honest!)

- ‘We are technology agnostic’ (I wouldn’t accept you forcing tech on me anyways)

- ‘We invest in our people’ (I would bloody well hope so)

My proposed filter:

If it is worthy of mention on a creds deck or your website, by definition it is significant. You’re choosing to communicate the 4–5 most unique, remarkable things about your business.

Make sure they’re actually remarkable- i.e. worth making a remark about.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m about to go deliver some work that my client is paying us for (please hold your applause).