Hi Hogan,

Thanks for this- really kind of you to take the time to post it. I hear you, it’s tricky trying to figure out whether it’s my article that’s crap or whether it’s just bad timing/some other reason why it didn’t get picked up by one of the major pubs.

I figured, with curation pretty much going away and me not having a lot of followers as I’m quite new, my best bet at getting a larger audience would be to get published in a major pub. However, I have to say that even that doesn’t guarantee that your article will be read by a large audience- I know from personal experience. I’ve had a couple of articles in one of the top pubs on Medium that have had fewer views (let alone reads) than some of my articles in much smaller pubs.

At the end of the day, I think all I can do is continue to work on my craft and mix it up when it comes to the types of pubs I’m submitting to.


Marketing Agency Survivor

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