How Corporate Millennials Can Reinvent Their Lives Without Joining the Great Resignation

Ali Q
2 min readMar 7, 2022


If you’re a corporate millennial joining the ‘great resignation’ because you want to reinvent your life, you probably shouldn’t quit your 9–5 job.

Not unless you have 6 months of savings in the bank, an inheritance, or a trust fund.

You know, something that pays your bills while you work on becoming a ‘solopreneur’.

If you rage quit just because they’re calling you back into the office or because you’re demotivated, you may end up making your life a hell of a lot worse.

Because you know what’s worse than having to drag yourself to a job you hate? Worrying about how you’re going to make rent next month.

Jumping ship without a safety net leads to:

• Poor incentives for your creative work

• Strained relationships

• Financial stress

• Anxiety

I was a ‘solopreneur’ for a year and racked up thousands of $ in debt.

This wasn’t by choice. I lost my last corporate job in March 2020 and tried to make ends meet via writing online, freelancing as a digital marketer, coaching & consulting. Some months I made half of what I used to make in my corporate job.

Some months, nothing.

It’s not that I wasn’t making progress. It’s just that it takes ages for your solopreneur income to match your corporate income.

Which is why I want to share this with you.

Fix your 9–5 job first so you have the energy and finances to build your own business.

Most people are drained by their 9–5 job because they spend most of their time doing tasks they’re bad at.

Here’s how you fix that:

• Take a self-assessment like the Kolbe A Index or High5 Test

• Use the Delegate & Elevate tool to help you play to your strengths at work

• BONUS: Read ‘Who, not How’ by Dan Sullivan to learn about scaling your ‘unique ability’

Doing so will give you:

• More satisfaction with your 9–5 work

• More energy for creative work

• Less financial stress

• Less anxiety

I want you to succeed in the new ‘creator economy’. Please don’t f*ck it up by jumping in without a safety net. Fix your 9–5 and build something great of your own with the bonus energy that brings you.

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Ali Q

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