It Wasn’t Carbs I Was Seeking- It Was Connections

I’ve been living away from home since I was 16

Ali Q
2 min readMay 6, 2021


I’m the youngest of 4. We always used to eat together as a family. My mom was the best cook in the world. My parents created a wonderful atmosphere at the dinner table. It was my safe space.

And then I had to leave home at 16 for my education. And I’ve been seeking to recreate that feeling of ‘being at home’ across 4 continents for the last 20 years. This has complicated my relationship with food.

I’m a fat guy living in a fit guy’s body

I run 6k 3–4 times a week. I do pull-ups, squats, and push-ups alongside that. I’m athletic. I also binge-eat fried chicken and pizza. I’ll smash through a bag of Doritos like there’s a diamond at the bottom.

Fasting cuts food out of the equation and forces me to face reality

I’ve been intermittent fasting on and off for a few months now. Apart from the energy boost, I like that it gives me mental and emotional clarity.

It wasn’t carbs I was seeking- it was connections

Johann Hari famously said that “the opposite of addiction is not sobriety- it’s connection.” I wasn’t hungry. I was lonely.

I need to set a good example for my son

My son is 5 months old. He’s starting to eat solid food. Sitting in his bouncer, he watches me closely as I eat. It doesn’t matter what I preach to him. He’ll do what I do. The good news? I’m not lonely anymore. I’m home.

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